Using Emotional Intelligence

26:05 · 2018

In this episode 11, Derek Hart and I discuss how to get a couple, with years of fighting and resentment, to care about each other again using emotional intelligence to dissolve resentment and create intimacy. We provide ways to create emotional and physical safety that returns love to the relationship.

We discuss what emotional intelligence means. We explain that emotional intelligence means deciphering the situation and choosing the right move in the dance of intimacy. We identify problems and best practices in that dance as simple as changing the way you listen during a conversation.

We discuss how to heal men of porn addiction. We discuss how viewpoints and importance levels differ for women and men regarding the act of sexual intercourse. Sex is an incredibly big deal when your relationship is not working and an incredibly small deal when your relationship is working.

Listen until the end to learn how to receive a free gift from Derek.

Keywords: Partnership Bliss, Relationship Coaching, Derek Hart, Kimi Avary, Emotional intelligence, Vulnerability, Porn Addiction

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