Using the Art of Purposetivity

30:20 · 2018

In this episode Karen Fritz and I explore Karen's book Purposetivity: The feminine cycle of productivity. We discuss the distinctions between achievement and fulfillment, and the effects on our bodies of being in masculine mode. Karen shares about how women can navigate their lives through being radically honest about their experiences and using their natural cycles to support them in their creative process. She shares about the feminine as a creative energy and the masculine is here to hold the space to protect the creative force. We explore how there is masculine and feminine in each person and how we can celebrate both of those energies. We talk about how to notice where we are in our creative flow and giving it voice and balance it with the linear healthy masculine. We also explored the magic of choosing people to collaborate with who have complimentary skill set and matching values.

Keywords: Kimi Avary, Karen Fritz, creativity, purposetivity, balance, masculine and feminine, partnership, bliss

Category: Partnership Bliss

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