Vanessa Russell - Replacing the Chains of Pain with Hands of Love

56:05 · 2019

There are moments in our lives when we see a need, and we can choose - or not - to respond. One high-level tech professional chose to respond, and you don't want to miss her story! LOVE NEVER FAILS is a nonprofit dedicated to the restoration, education and protection of those involved or at risk of becoming involved in human trafficking. PEOPLE Magazine's everyday hero has won a score of awards for her change-making work, and she has much to teach us about leading change. Join Linda Patten and her guest, Vanessa Russell, as they discuss her journey to becoming a change agent, challenging our comfort level, and how to create meaningful change in the world. Gift: Vanessa invites you to explore ways to support those who are struggling after human trafficking, domestic violence, or abuse by visiting Love Never Fail's website.

Keywords: Leadership, women, empowerment, entrepreneur, success

Category: Leadership Stars

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